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The Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials Group


Various types of NORM services are available through our affiliate members

1. MIT-EAPS Radioactivity Measurements LAB
Radiometric Analysis Introduction to NORM

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2. UOG-PHYSICS Lepton Laboratory Detectors Group

3. Gamma Analysts :
Consultants for creating Ultra-Low Radioactivity Environments
with focus on NORM contamination

4. Queen's University, Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) Group
"Where you find the Home page of the SNO neutrino detector,
and the solution to the resolution of the Solar Neutrino Problem
(SNP) with the 1k ton Heavy Water detector, the largest
ultra-low NORM detector of its kind in the world".-SNO

5. University of Guelph, SNO Group
"Where you find the publications resulting from
research in materials selection with focus on NORM,
for the $100M Sudbury Neutrino Observatory neutrino detector
or wherever NORM contmination is the limiting factor
to research."-SNO

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