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 The Norm Group Organization Test Before You Invest

NEWS LETTER April 2009


>> Prof. Glenn Lykken’s work on radon:
Prof. Lykken concludes that environmental radon is indeed stored in the body
and body concentration correlates with body fat in females,
reflecting seasonal concentrations in their dwellings.
Radon decay products include a number of alpha and beta particle emitters,
emissions of which produce a radiation risk in fat-rich tissues.
Prof. Lykken and Dr. Momcilovic present factual evidence that challenges
current fallacies and misconceptions of radon uptake by the body and subsequent in vivo behavior.
Radon and Humans - From another perspective (Pdf)

>> American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists
2009 International Radon Symposium,
September 20th to 23rd 2009, Saint Louis, MO USA


>> Prof. Will Gosnold’s presentation at Joint Assembly, AGU, 2008
W. Gosnold
Heatflow in Young Oceanic Crust. Is Earth's Heat Flux 44 TW or 31 TW?
Eos Trans. AGU, 2008, 89(23), Jt. Assem. Suppl., Abstract T21A-01

>> Geophysics –AGU Toronto Conference
AGU 2009 Joint Assembly
The Meeting of the Americas. 24–27 May 2009

In the upcoming issues:
>> Dr. Neelaprasad’s preliminary study of Radon in Residential Homes on Deccan Plateau
>> Prof. P. Leela's article on Economics of Radon Studies

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